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Contracting services

Are you going to strengthen or rebuild your distribution network, station/switchgear, production plant, traffic signal or lighting plant? Or do you have plans to build something new? Then we will help you! We offer everything from large to small new and remodeling.

Your customers and local legislation place requirements for high operating reliability. New functions for an expansive and sustainable society together with feared climate changes are increasing demands on e.g. new and existing network and switchgear facilities.
We take a holistic approach to your contracts and offer all that is required within modern electricity distribution, telecommunications and rail transport installations. With us you will not only find experienced contractors but also qualified engineers capable of finding the most efficient solutions for e.g. your power station, heating plant or electricity substation. Our expertise encompasses a large number of work areas.

Focus on cutting-edge technology

In order to deal with every type of contract we have built up a comprehensive knowledge base focusing on cutting-edge technology. We have expertise and experience within mechanical engineering, automation and telecoms technology.

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In the field of electricity distribution we have a multitude of specialist engineers, project managers, technicians and fitters at our disposal. When you entrust your turnkey contracts to us, you can focus on your client role, whilst we ensure that lead times, applications and documentation are managed quickly and efficiently. We simplify matters for you the customer. In brief terms, if you have the need, we can analyse, present ideas and finally hand over a turnkey solution.
We take responsibility for releasing you the customer from worries right from the start of projects to completed contract.  We handle contracts for the following types of distribution networks: backbone networks, regional networks, local networks, fibre networks, telecom networks, rail transport networks

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Production installations

On the contract side we have the expertise, resources and establishments needed to set contract projects in motion throughout the country. The combination of economies of scale, national presence and strong local anchoring will give you the best possible access to expertise and quality in your contract works, contract contracts, implementation and inspection and documentation. Needs vary but our dedication is constant. When we take overall responsibility for your contract, we do so with all our heart and soul. Of course we tailor all installations according to your needs. We handle contracts in the fields of: hydroelectric power, boiler and furnace rooms, combined heating and power stations, wind power, nuclear power and industrial installations.