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Service and maintenance

We help you increase the availability of your facility and lower the costs of troubleshooting.

Systematic preventive maintenance is a basic precondition for avoiding disruptions. You will agree that it is much better and more profitable to make a scheduled stop than to hastily shut down operations and lose valuable deliveries.

This is true of all the companies we work with. Power cuts can have unforeseen and costly consequences. That is why we prefer the preventive approach. And we wish to work together with you, the customer.

However, even in the best of worlds it is impossible to avoid all stoppages. Naturally, everything is worse during evenings and weekends when few people are at work in your organisation. In these situations we prove to be true friends in need. Our duty team is on standby around the clock, everyday throughout the year. This a security for you the customer.

Our service and maintenance services are part of everyday life for customers in many sectors around the country. The experience we gain of an installation we also pass on to you. Among other things, we maintain:

  • Distribution networks
  • Power stations
  • Industrial installations
  • Traffic and lighting

Duty and on call services

If there are sudden unforeseen stoppages, we offer emergency personnel with experienced project managers, technicians and fitters who can attend problems around the clock everyday of the year at short notice. The organisation is flexible. This means we can quickly move resources from site to site around the country to build a force where they are needed at the time.