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Case Kraftringen

A showcase from Sweden where we helped our customer Kraftringen roll-out over 100.000 electrical meeters.

Customer background and challenge

  • For kratringen we did a roll-out in two main geographical areas in the south of Sweden incl  both city/rural areas
  • Multi Utility Distribution covering Electricity, District Heating/Cooling, Gas and Water
  • No of electricity meters 100.000 (cat 1) and 2.500 (cat 2-5)
  • No of District Heating/Cooling meters 9.000
  • No of Gas meters 1.800
  • No of Water meters 300
  • Many different 1st generation AMM solutions (Kamstrup, Metrima, Landis+Gyr, AEM Enerlux, Aidon, etc.)
  • Tender incl Program Management, establishment of AMM and cyber security solution, Roll-Out, collection of meter values and maintenance service
  • Contract: length 6+(5*2) years

ONE Nordic delivery

  • ONE Nordic act as prime and main responsible for the establishment of the AMM solution,
    roll-out of electricity and district heating/cooling meters, collection service and maintenance service. Meters and HES system are primarily from Sagemcom and Landis+Gyr / Elvaco
  • The AMM solution has been in production since September 2020. At the moment we collect information from  >9.000 NB-IoT and LTE meters with a ramp-up of >1.300 meters per week
  • The Establishment phase incl. run through of extensive testing took approx. 13 months and involved more than 20 employees
  • Pilot phase started 1st of September 2020, 1.000 meters, covering the complete solution, and ended December 2020
  • Mass Roll-Out started 1st of February 2021. We are now more than 30 installers, 15 support resources (Roll-Out  Manager, Local Area Managers, Field managers, 1st and 2nd line Customer support, resource planers, logistic, QHSE, road runners).
  • We now run 3 out of 4 MSA chains in parallel, different geographical areas and after summer vacation all geographical areas are handled with a peak of 40 installers
  • Our connectivity level are >99.8
  • ONE has developed and implemented all necessary processes, routines, documents and instructions incl up-dates on Lesson Learn from the 2nd Generation of Smart Meter program and NB IoT technology

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Magnus Hasselgren
Magnus Hasselgren Regional Manager