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Technical Services

Core expertise when you need it. Are you open to improvements in your plant and are you seeking a qualified partner? If so, we have a solution. ONE.

We have many different specialists, engineers with professional knowhow in many areas which can assist you with the toughest technical problems. Without boasting all too much, we can state that some of them are among the best in the world within their fields with expertise in demand from west to east, from north to south. Our corporate culture encourages development, taking responsibility and improvements. We recruit the best people we can find, we nurture all our staff.

Always at the cutting edge

This represents security for you. When a transformer breaks down, it leads to unforeseen consequences for your production and out to your customers. The same applies when your plant suffers electrical disturbances of various kinds. That type of problem is our core competency. But we are not just content to solve problems after the damage has been done. We are at the cutting edge of new technology for the detection of potential faults long before they result in breakdowns. This is an additional benefit for you. We have developed our own systems and solutions to improve and secure installations in order to reduce consumption of power and energy. In brief, among our technical services you have a treasure to pour over.

Problem-free operations for the customer

In the ONE Nordic group you will have a reliable partner who will create a problem-free environment for you the customer. Our specialists have the technological knowhow to avoid problems and optimise production in such fields as:

  • Hydroelectric power
  • Wind power
  • Heat power
  • Nuclear power

Our specialists can help you with efficient biogas installations. They can increase availability in the power grid, gas grid, distance heating network and the rail network. Our engineers have experience and process knowhow within industry, as well as in the public sector, transport and lighting.

We aim to create the best solution for you in terms of high efficiency, operating reliability, personal safety and low environmental impact. To do so we must be equally knowledgeable overall as well in depth down to the minutest detail. It is a question of taking both the long term and the short term view.

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Metering services protect your revenues

For you the supplier of electric power, water, distance heating and gas the correct management of meter values is a question of quality and economy.  Meter values must be collected and their feasibility assessed and quality checks must be made. The cost of metering errors and personnel can be considerable. Your customers must be able to rely on their energy bills. You must be able to rely on your meters being correct. The calibration of meters is all about establishing a good reputation, of being paid correctly and about complying with applicable regulations. At the ONE Nordic group we have developed a number of technical measurement services which help you keep a check on your meters and assure your revenues.

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In order to detect potential faults in both electrical and mechanical devices in time, we apply a large number of techniques such as thermography, vibration technology and transformer diagnostics. We  have used these techniques for many years and know what we must do to efficiently spot and analyse potential problems. In this way we prolong the service life of your investment.