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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about responsible and sustainable business practices. ONE Nordic wants to be a respected operator in our efforts to build what we at ONE Nordic call “The New Energy Society”.

The New Energy Society

Our existing energy- and electricity-related infrastructure needs to be upgraded and renewed in order to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets 2030*. There is also a general demand for increased energy capacity, optimizations and operational security. At ONE Nordic, we call this ongoing and future upgrading/renewal “The New Energy Society”.

Our goal is to lead from the front and help energy producers, energy suppliers and energy users to build new/modernize and optimize existing plants, transmission systems and distribution systems so that they comply with the latest environmental and quality requirements, legal requirements and are as energy efficient as possible.

Contributing to society

While the energy industry is facing a paradigm shift with major future investments in energy infrastructure, the skills shortage is a fact throughout the industry. In order to meet the need for more qualified and competent manpower, ONE Nordic runs several projects to attract more young people to the energy industry; trainee programs, apprenticeship programs, school, customer and industry collaborations. In this way, ONE Nordic takes a social responsibility for the industry and the future energy society.


In our CSR work, ONE Nordic has chosen to follow the UN’s principles for responsible business, the UN Global Compact**, and the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI). These principles act as a foundation for our guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility, i.e. In line with our Purchasing Policy, Work Environment Policy, Code of Conduct and Environment and Quality Policy, ONE Nordic intends to act in line with relevant rules and regulations and our stakeholders’ expectations. Our goal is also to ensure that in our CSR work we act in line with our core values: Commitment, Responsibility and Competence.

* EU leaders agreed in October 2014 on new climate and energy targets for 2030. They include: 1. 40% cuts (at least) in greenhouse emissions compared to 1990 levels, 2. 27% - minimum share of renewable energy, 3. 27% - minimum improvement in energy efficiency.

** To find out more about the UN Global Compact, please see our Purchasing Policy.