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CSR through education

Our most concrete work with social responsibility, CSR, is carried out in the education sector. Parallel to the paradigm shift in the energy sector, the lack of skills is a fact in the entire industry. Today, companies cannibalize each other to a large extent.

For example, about 70 percent of all recruitments take place through people changing employers within the industry. In addition, the average age in the energy industry is high - which means imminent retirements and even more holes to fill.

The forecasts are clear; in 10 years there will be a shortage of around 100,000 trained technicians and engineers in the industry. We are therefore facing a major challenge in the industry.

To meet the need for an inflow of competence, ONE Nordic runs several projects to attract more young people to the energy industry; trainee programs, apprenticeship programs, school, customer and industry collaborations.

In this way, ONE Nordic takes a social responsibility for the industry and the energy society of the future. Read more about our investments in education here.

Basic guidelines in the work with CSR

In our wirk with CSR, ONE Nordic has chosen to follow the UN's principles for responsible business, the UN Global Compact, and the UN's principles for responsible investment, PRI. These principles serve as the foundation for our guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility. In line with our Purchasing Policy, Work Environment Policy, Code of Ethics and Environmental and Quality Policy, ONE Nordic intends to act in line with current regulations and the expectations of our stakeholders. Our goal is also to act in our CSR work in line with our basic values; commitment, responsibility and competence.

The leaders of the EU countries agreed in October 2014 on new climate and energy goals for 2030:

1. 40 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than in 1990,

2. 27 percent renewable energy,

3. 27 percent better energy efficiency.