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The New Energy Society

The ONE Nordic group is building the New Energy Society In the ONE Nordic group, we talk about the New Energy Society, and how we, together, will meet the infrastructural needs and requirements relating to energy and electricity.

These are now accelerating in terms of production, distribution and use of energy. Energy consumption in Sweden and the rest of the world is increasing every year, partly because of economic and technological developments. However, infrastructure has not really kept up. A lot of renewal is needed, and many energy plants need renovation and upgrading. The market is demanding energy-efficient solutions. In Sweden and Norway alone, purchasers are planning major investments in the next ten years. Figures indicate investments of several hundred billion kronor in Sweden and Norway alone, where the next generation of electricity grids will be built. In Sweden there will also be investments in river hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, and combined heat and power plants.

”The energy sector’s massive investment programme is already becoming evident. Many procurement procedures are underway in the market, and ONE Nordic AB is involved and competing,” says Jan Bardell, CEO of the ONE Nordic group.