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The New Energy Society

Energy consumption in Sweden and the rest of the world increases steadily every year. The reason is, among other things, the economic and technological development. Against this stands an infrastructure that has not really kept up. The need for renewal is great and many energy facilities are in need of renovation and upgrading. In addition, the market is crying out for energy-efficient solutions to reach the EU's climate and energy goals for 2030.

The customers on the market in Sweden are therefore planning for heavy investments in the next ten years. Some figures point to investments of several hundred billion kroner in Sweden alone, above all in trunk and regional grids, but also in new stations, wind power, hydropower and heating.

This is where ONE Nordic comes into the picture. The massive investment program is already being felt and there are many energy infrastructure procurements on the market where ONE Nordic is participating and competing. "ONE Nordic, which is one of the leaders in the market, today has the honor of running the most exciting energy infrastructure projects for the largest and best-known players in the industry," says Jonas Arvidsson, CEO of ONE Nordic.

Our clients are both the electricity grid owners, municipalities and industry. Our biggest area is maintenance, but we are also active in contracting and technical solutions.

In all areas where we are active, we have a great commitment to, together with our clients, contribute to planning and designing the sustainable energy society of the future. We help our customers take on these challenges in all types of assignments. Together we develop energy facilities, distribution networks and energy infrastructure in our society, in accordance with the UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development. To succeed in building this new society, we need to secure tomorrow's workforce. The industry faces major future competence challenges and we at ONE-Nordic are passionate about the subject.